Here’s a list of frequently asked questions. I’ve got a lot of the same question, so I’ve compiled a list to make things a little bit easier for everyone to find information.

Q: Will this be available on iPhone/Andriod?

A: This will be available for both iOS and Android. I am also working on a web version, that will allow any users with a Windows phone, or any other weird device to still be able to use the app.

Q: When will the app be released?

A: The set date is currently March 1st.

Q: Will this be available in my country?

A: Right now the focus is on the United States. Once the app grows, I do have plans to take it to an international level.

Q: Can you add a car meets function?

A: This will be a feature that will be added eventually, but right now I am focused on getting a minimum viable product out to the public, and from there I will build it.

Q: What can I do to help?

A: If you want to help the apps development, post about it on TikTok/Snapchat/Instagram. The biggest problem we face is getting this app out to a large group of people so that way everyone can find users in their state. I also have a donation page, if you’re feeling extra generous today.

Q: Wont cops download this app and arrest people?

A: Unlikely. Boost Fluent is meant to keep racing fun, safe, and legal.

Also if you meet up with someone and check out their car and whatnot and you can’t tell that they are a cop, I’m not sure that boost fluent is for you.

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