An Update

So if you’ve seen the recent tiktoks then you’re already aware of the situation, but anyone who’s a little lost I wanted to give a proper update.

So as you all know I submitted to Apple and was awaiting approval, however it got rejected. A new Apple terms of service requires an Apple login to be an option if you have other social media logins, in this case it was the Facebook login.

I removed the Facebook login, but this broke the backend completely. It destroyed the user login function, where users can log back into their account after signing out. It also messed up users being able to make posts. Because of this I tried to add in the Apple login, but this broke the android version.

Part of this happened because this project was rushed, and the other part happened because I am not super familiar with backend work. Backend requires php to make the app talk with the server, and I hadn’t written php before this. I’m considering hiring a developer to help out with this part, more on that later.

So for now, the app is postponed. I don’t want to give a date, just in case the date I give is wrong again. I’d rather wait until everything is fully good to go, it’s already been approved by Apple and it’s already good to go on the android store.

However, some good comes out of this too. As a result of this, the app that launches will be much more stable than it would have been – I didn’t even realize how buggy it was until the Facebook issue. It will also have a couple features that I wanted to put in but didn’t because of time constraints.

Thank you all for your support, and for being patient. Everyone waiting on stickers will get them soon too, I’ve run out of envelopes but will be getting more today.

2 thoughts on “An Update

  1. Keep up the good work the fact that you’re making this a reality off of just a thought is amazing! Don’t let this set back bring you down!

  2. Great news! Glad to hear it’s approved on both platforms. Take your time, work out the issues, we all understand. We want the best possible app from the start, so do whatever you need to.

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