Looking for Influencers!

Hello everyone, as we near launch I am looking for people to post about Boost Fluent on their social media platforms. If you have an account with greater than 10k followers, and you mainly post about cars/car related topics, message me on TikTok/Instagram or use the contact form on the website to get ahold of me. I’m looking for both TikTok and Instagram influencers!

There will be financial compensation, however it will depend on how many followers you have and views per video/likes per post. There will also be a contract you have to sign, nothing crazy but just a way to protect myself and Boost Fluent.

This will be a way to benefit both Boost Fluent and yourself. I want to grow the audience that follows this website as well as my TikTok, so that way we can start with an explosive amount of users.

4 thoughts on “Looking for Influencers!

  1. Hey man I would love to be an influencer. I live in Maryland, have a tuned 5.0 f150 that runs a 12.9 1/4 mile. I also have 19k on tiktok @tj.the.conger I would love to work with you and get this off the ground. I also have ties to MD Mafia and DMV Car Club which are both famous for Baltimore Street takeovers and drag races. Lmk

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