Base List of Features

I’ve got the wireframe down for a base list of features. This will all be included in the first iteration of the app. I understand that there have been lots of requests for different features, but these will come with time. For now I want to get a functional app out to the public.

There’s going to be a lot in this post, so bear with me.

To start off we’ve got the matches. This functions like Tinder would, where you swipe with other users and get a match. From this match you can then talk to other people in live time, sending emojis or images. Eventually there will be separate horsepower categories, but for now I want to start basic. So if you see a civic with a laptop in it, you might want to swipe left.

The chat system functions just like any other direct messaging system. There will be real time messages that will allow you to send images, emojis, and chats. However, with the chat system can come issues. That leads us onto the report feature.

The report feature again functions very similar to any other app. You will be able to report a user for abuse, etc, and the report will go to me directly. I’ll be able to filter unlikeable users off of the app. The same goes for photos in a users gallery. Should something be inappropriate, you will be able to report it and I can take it off the app.

Building your profile will allow you to draw users to your profile, and show off your car. You will be able to upload pictures of your car to your profile, and include a brief description about any upgrades you may have done – or the sort of person you are looking for. On top of this profile there will be a friends system, that will allow you to keep in touch with people that you have added.

Ads will be included in Boost Fluent. Making an app is expensive, between talking to lawyers to get a waiver written up, registering an LLC, hosting the website and soon hosting the app. There will be a way to get rid of them though, a cheap premium upgrade of only $1-2. Verified badges will also be added, as a way to separate users from bots.

Hopefully this answers most of the questions about the base version of the app. The launch date is still March 1st, and hopefully there will be no delays. I’m making good progress on the coding, server hosting, and getting an approved Apple account so I can post it there. This app will be available for both iOS and Android.

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