Ads in Boost Fluent

Hello everyone. I’m writing this post to make sure it is open what is currently going on with the app, and to give an idea what the final version will look like.

There will be ads in Boost Fluent, however I am going to try to make them as non-intrusive as possible. But as many of you know, making an app is not cheap. There is a lot of costs that go into this, and including ads into the app will be a way to recover costs. There will be a subscription however that will remove the ads, and I want to make it cost only 99c.

The app will be free to download on both iOS and Android. I am currently making sure I am able to publish an app on the app store, as Apple tends to be more selective about its apps than Google. I am working to make sure it meets the requirements, and will not be removed.

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