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Boost Fluent App is now a registered LLC in the state of Colorado. Many of you had concerns about the legal aspect of the app from my end, but registering it as an LLC provides me some security.

By creating an official LLC that the app is tied to, it now means that if something should happen with the app I personally am covered. I am also looking into insurance as another possible coverage. Users will also need to agree to a waiver before they are allowed to use the app, so this again helps me stay safe.

Development is going well. I am currently working on getting a base set of features down, as a wireframe, and then I will continue from there. The first iteration of the app will not have every single feature that is requested, but over time as the app grows I will be able to update it and make it exactly what we are looking for.

The goal is to have a functioning app on the app store/play store by March 1st. There is a lot of moving pieces here, so have faith.

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4 thoughts on “Boost Fluent App LLC

  1. Hey! Just wanting to say, make sure you speak with a lawyer and word the waiver in a very specific way to avoid loopholes that somebody can use to sue you! Love the idea of the app, wouldn’t want to see you get in any legal trouble or the app get taken down.

  2. Cant wait to see, and maybe add a sugestion tab in the app so you dont have to think of it all on your own

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