Boost Fluent App – What is this?

Boost Fluent is an app for car people to connect with each other. It boasts features such as horsepower categories, allowing you to narrow down who you’re looking for. BF also includes information on local tracks/dragstrips in your area to keep racing safe and fun. Looking for a cruise? BF can also allow you to connect with a person trying to do the same thing.

If you have an idea/suggestion please visit the contact page and drop it there. I will personally read and respond to all messages recieved.

Boost Fluent could not exist without you – the person reading this right now. Follow this page for updates as the app progresses, and be the first one to know when it launches.

6 thoughts on “Boost Fluent App – What is this?

  1. Will there be area limitations, like just in big cities? Personally I live in a smaller town with a ton of great roads, just curious if that would impact it at all.

    1. Ideally you’ll be able to match with anyone from anywhere. Only problem with this is if two people live across the country, chances of them meeting are pretty small 😂

  2. Hopefully us truck guys don’t get any hate with this. Ours are built up to 675 horse and I’d love to take on a couple cars bikes or trucks for a hand shake.

  3. Not sure if you have yet or not but maybe making a subreddit or posting this on different car subreddits might help get the word around too. I’m excited to see this come to fruition.

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